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Capacity Planning Essay

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Capacity planning is the process of determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products.[1] In the context of capacity planning, "capacity" is the maximum amount of work that an organization is capable of completing in a given period of time
The goal of capacity planning is to minimize this discrepancy. Demand for an organization's capacity varies based on changes in production output, such as increasing or decreasing the production quantity of an existing product, or producing new products. Better utilization of existing capacity can be accomplished through improvements in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Capacity can be increased through introducing new techniques, equipment and materials, increasing the number of workers or machines, increasing the number of shifts, or acquiring additional production facilities.
Capacity is calculated: (number of machines or workers) (number of shifts) (utilization) (efficiency).
The broad classes of capacity planning are lead strategy, lag strategy, and match strategy
1)Lead strategy :-adding capacity in anticipation of an increase in demand. Lead strategy is an aggressive strategy with the goal of luring customers away from the company's competitors. The possible disadvantage to this strategy is that it often results in excess inventory, which is costly and often wasteful.
2)Lag strategy :-refers to adding capacity only after the organization is running at full capacity or beyond due to increase in demand (North Carolina State University, 2006). This is a more conservative strategy. It decreases the risk of waste, but it may result in the loss of possible customers
3)Match strategy :-adding capacity in small amounts in response to changing demand in the market. This is a more moderate strategy
Three Steps for Capacity Planning
In this paper we will illustrate three basic steps for capacity
Determine Service Level Requirements
The first step in the...

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