Capacity Building Essay

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Introduction: Afghanistan is one the least developing countries vastly damaged in terms of its infrastructure. One of the key strategies paramount to rebuilding it involves capacity building. This is a cross-cutting strategy implemented across a substantial number of governmental organizations in this country. One of these is the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) mandated to assure delivery of quality health services to the entire population. To do so, this organization needs to rebuild and revitalize its demolished infrastructure and operational system. At the very heart of this lays capacity building. The implementation of this strategy has begun since the establishment of the newly elected government in 2001 with the financial and technical support of major donors. However, it has posed a minor impact on increasing the quality of services provided by this organization. A more practical way to tackle this deficiency involves reframing capacity building. This essay will particularly focus on reframing as the smart and practical way of overcoming this obstacle and come up with proposed solutions accordingly. To be able to do so, the reframing model developed by Bolman and Dell will be the basis for the critical analysis and proposing the solutions. Given this the focus will be concentrated on the four major work streams or frames as highlighted by this model. These include restructuring, human resources, political and cultural/symbolic. Restructuring frame: Structure resembles a skeleton for organizations. A practically functional structure substantially facilitates effective and successful implementation of programs in an organization. Lack of such a factor has put MoPH of Afghanistan in a vulnerable position to effectively carry out CB program. For this organization to be able to remedy this problem, restructuring is practically crucial strategy. This is

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