Capabilities and Weakness

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Internal capabilities/strength and weakness of JetBlue JetBlue is the largest Airline at JFK airport in New York City. The strengths of JetBlue are low operating cost. JetBlue has been efficiently utilization the resources which results in low cost operating cost. For instance, there is 6.03 cents mile vs. 10.91 industry average and also direct booking. Moreover, JetBlue has efficient employee. It’s because efficient and talented employee help JetBlue to perform operation in better way to facilitate its customers. The strength has also customer satisfaction. Their customers are satisfied from the services offered by JetBlue. Furthermore, utilize technology. Because it has better use of technology and reservation are handled online with the unique reservation system. True Blue rewards service is all online. Besides, JetBlue is such a strong brand among the US people. JetBlue was named the number one U.S domestic airline by Coned Nast Traveler magazine’s Readers” Choice Awards” for the sixth year in a row. Furthermore, their product and services/extra amenities are excellent. There are leather seat and sleep kit, TV’s at each seat, additional leg room throughout all JetBlue aircraft. In an industry with many circulating question marks, JetBlue has used its strengths to produce a promising results and a successful company. Every coin has two sides. JetBlue weakness is because there is relative new company. It’s mean that JetBlue is still new in the industry as compared to other Airlines. Besides, their weakness includes high indebtedness and fixed obligations. It is because there are weak in financial reporting, highlighted in the audit, floating interest rates and additional financing problems. Furthermore, JetBlue weakness single fleet. JetBlue has been using a single fleet. Others weaknesses are concentration on middle class and it shifting customer’s need.
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