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sal Senior Capstone Project Proposal Name: _________________________________________ ID: ____________________ Current Advisory Teacher: _____________________________ I would like to do a project in (check one): ← X Career Exploration Community Service Project Description: (What do you want to do for your project?) I have always been interested in the Culinary Arts. My lifelong dream is to become a chef for a major restaurant or resort. For my Senior Project, I would like to intern with a local chef and learn the skills necessary to become a top Culinary Artist. Along with interning with a local chef, I plan on attending cooking classes at Mt. Hood Community College to further my understanding of cooking. Reason for this project: (Why do you want to do this project?) I plan on using Culinary Arts as my Senior Project for my future career. I truly feel that this project will allow me to develop connections and gain an understanding of this field of work. Hopefully with this experience, I will have a greater chance of landing a spot after high school in a culinary arts program. Explain how this project will be a stretch and a challenge for you? (What obstacles and difficulties do you see yourself facing?) I see several areas that I will be stretched during this project. First, it will be very difficult to locate an establishment that will allow me to intern with them. Also, since I am currently in school full time, it will be difficult to find the necessary time and money needed to take classes out at Mt. Hood Community College. Along with the time factor, I feel a huge challenge for me will be my shyness. I find it difficult to communicate with new people. I will need to overcome my fears of speaking in public in order to discuss ideas with my mentor. What do you hope to accomplish and learn from this

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