Cap and Trade Essay

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General purpose: to inform Specific purpose: to inform my colleagues about the Cap and Trade system, how it works, its benefits and disadvantages. Introduction Did you know that scientists globally agreed that by 2020 greenhouse emissions should be starting to decline in order to prevent the Earth from a climate change disaster? Do you also realize that this gives us, us humans, only 6 years to come up with an efficient solution to finally put end to our cruelty towards the environment? Like many other measures taken to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in the world, Cap and Trade system is an organizational approach used to reduce pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving this goal. This system seemed to impress many industrialized countries that they signed the Kyoto protocol back in 1997 which dictates how these emissions can be reduced. Central idea: According to the American environmental protection agency (EPA), the Emission Trading Scheme known as Cap and Trade is considered one serious competitor in the battle of fighting global warming. Preview statement: Today, I will share with you first how this system works. Then the benefits of applying this system will be presented followed by the criticism cap and trade is witnessing. Body I. First, it is essential to clearly describe how the “Cap and Trade” system works. A. For a better understanding of this emissions scheme, we should define first what a carbon unit is. A carbon unit is the permit to emit 1 ton of CO2. 1. According to EPS, this is equivalent to 5 months driving for an average motorist. B. the term “CAP” is better explained by the fact that the UN distributes the carbon units to industrialized countries complying with a criteria stating that actual emission must be less than or equal to the assigned amount of carbon

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