Canyon Ranch Essay

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Instruction Use relevant theories, concepts, perspectives, and facts to analyze business and economic issues and solve related problems. Use a book as a main reference. ( I will give you a download link. See the chapters and pages in each steps) 1. Provide a background of the case(half page) 2. Brief literature review – this, in part, is used to provide the reader with why this topic is of significance and importance to warrant this research or analysis. (one page max) 3. Discuss the value of the IT and the role the IT plays at MM.(see business model-ch1, Can IT drive-ch4, IT roles-page 425~) 3 page *can IT drive (page 106~) 4. Discuss the IT governance and management issues at MM.( see Ch 9 and 10, Volkswagen case) 3page 5. Describe the IT infrastructure needed for MM to expend to Asia or Eastern Europe.( see ch 5) 3 page 6. Discuss IT outsourcing options for MM.( see ch 7) 3 page 7. Develop conclusions and recommendations 1page 8. References(APA) 9. Appendices (if needed) • Check the format of writing(APA) This is the example of other case- you can follow the format 1. Executive Summary Canyon Ranch is deciding whether or not to pursue a more IT oriented strategy. The value of customer information to them is provide access to timely, and accurate customer information, find sponsorships, strategic alliances, and other hidden opportunities and to offer customizable and effective services. If we were CIO we would make the case for a CRM and BI system by clearly laying out the benefits these two systems would provide to Canyon Ranch and show how they would help us build a sustainable competitive advantage. We would anticipate these systems to have an effect on business strategy by providing better decision
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