Canterbury Tales Spoof Essay

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TALES OF A LIFEBOAT FINAL DRAFT PROLOGUE A knight, a bishop and a peasant All of them, most unpleasant The three in a lifeboat fight Over who got them into this terrible fright The three are on a most miserable boat Ready to slit anyone's throat The only ones alive With death certain to arrive The vassal, the bishop and the farmhand Wanting to be back on dry land The Knight, for once is afraid Not even of another man's blade He trembles and shakes With a most furious face! The Bishop sits sadly Staring at his companions madly The two beside him causing this grim! "God, will you not save my limbs?" And the Peasant not fitting in With his tanned and calloused skin. So the three argue over who it is Who's sins are at fault? "It must be his!" Who's behavior can God not condone? On and on they drone, they moan In a lifeboat, all afraid, all alone PEASANT ROASTS KNIGHT "Who do you think you are, Knight? You torture and kill, day and night! You sit in your giant castle Not needing to worry about a hassle Because to you a kill is no bother You probably even killed your own father! I've worked all my life, for scum like you I'm sick of what I went through But I am sure glad it is done And may goodness come to my only son "Sir, Let me tell you a story Its about a knight only wanting glory He'd injure and kill without thinking He fought and fought without blinking One day he came to my village And he pillaged and pillaged and pillaged He killed my wife and said "Oops" He stole our goods with his troops Then he rode away on his horse Without the smallest bit of remorse This knight is much like you, MA'AM! Killing without giving a damn! You think your so great! When you're life's no clean slate "Thou shalt not kill" is recorded And you still think you will be rewarded? The Lord above is punishing your sins

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