Canterbury Tales Pardoner

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Who The Pardoner Really Is By Jeremy Ford 3/11/2008 4th period English 4 Thesis His actions, words and the irony of his story show who he really is and what he believes. Outline The Pardoner is one of the most evil of the characters in the Canterbury tales. He deceives and manipulates people and is not at all respected by others. His actions, words, and irony of the story show who he really is and what he believes. He is considered part of the low end of the church. The Pardoner is a person who says prayer for dead people so that the sins they had committed in life would be forgiven. The Pardoner of The Canterbury Tales abused his position by selling some papers which he claimed if people bought, their time in torment would be shortened after death; he sold them for very high price. He also claimed that he had Virgin Mary’s veil. He also claimed that he had St. Peter’s sail and said the pig bones, he always carried with him, were relics of St. Peter. Through the Prologue to the Pardoner's tale, the character of the Pardoner is revealed. Although the Pardoner displays many important traits, the most obvious is his greed. Throughout the prologue, the Pardoner displays his greed and even admits that the only thing he cares about is money: "I preach nothing except for gain." This desire for wealth is seen strongly in the Pardoner's tale as well. In the Pardoner's tale, three friends begin a journey in order to murder Death. On their journey, though, an old man leads them to a great deal of treasure. At this point, all three of the friends in the tale display a greed similar to the Pardoner's. Another trait that is displayed by the Pardoner and a character in his tale is hypocrisy. As the tale begins, the friends all act very trustworthy and faithful towards all of their friends. They nobly make a decision to risk their lives while trying to
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