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Canterbury Tales Essay

  • Submitted by: lmhammer
  • on October 20, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Canterbury Tales" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The tone in the tale of the knight is characterization.   One of his best characteristics is being an honorable man who “loved chivalry, truth, honour, freedom and courtesy” (Page 46).   The knight is “honoured everywhere for the worthiness” (Page 50).   He is also a great warrior who fought many battles and “always won he sovereign fame for prize” (Page67).   Not only is he an honorable man as well as a warrior, “he was very wise” Page (68).   He does not talk badly about anything “in all his life” (Page 71).   He seems to others to be “as meekly as a maid” (Page 69). His best characteristic is being “a truly perfect, gentle knight” (Page 72).   As worthy and respected as he was, he dressed modestly, and his clothes were “sadly discoloured” (Page 76).
The tone of the squire is youthfulness. The squire is the knight’s son and is described as being “a lover and a lusty bachelor” (Page 80).   The squire is average height, “wondrously active, aye, and great of strength” (Page 84).   Just about everything he did was to impress a lady.   His hair was “well curled, as if they’d laid in press” Page (81).   Singing and playing the flute were both things he liked to do.   He liked to “make songs and words thereto” (Page 95).   His clothes were short “with sleeves both long and wide” (Page 93).   To impress the ladies he also would “joust, and dance too, as well as sketch and write” (Page 96).  

The tone of the nun is hypocrisy.   She shows herself to be “smiling, modest and coy” (Page 119).   In realty she is just pretended to be something she is not.   Her biggest concern is what people think of her.   When she ate she “never from her lips let morsels fall” (Page 128).   During services she would “sing through her nose” (Page 123).   She tried to speak French, but “French of Paris was not hers to know” (Page 126).   She liked to drink wine and enjoyed good sport so “she was at pains to counterfeit the look of courtliness and stately manners” (Page 140).   She tried to be dainty when in...

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