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English 5 Period 4 November 27,2012 Canterbury Tales English IV Honors Writing Assignment In my opinion I believe the pardoner to be the most vilest character of all. The pardoner’s job is to offer indulgences for particular sins to people who repented of the sins they have committed. After receiving an indulgence, the penitent would then make a donation to the church by giving money to the pardoner. Over time the donation became a important part of receiving an indulgence. The pardoner is trusted by the church to offer these indulgences. He’s supposed to be trustworthy and help the people of the church and the penitents to repent for their sins, instead he lets his greed interfere and starts to pocket the money thinking he would get away with it. In my eyes that was a terrible act because penitents would go to him thinking they’re doing right by paying for forgiveness and there he goes stealing their money. The pardoner says, “I preach for nothing but for greed of gain” my interpretation of that quote is that he’s only doing it for his gain of the money. He makes a living off the great, strong desire of wealth. The quality of craving wealth seems to be the root of all that he preaches. The pardoner basically cons all people into giving him they’re money by telling them old stories from the past. Not only is he doing wrong by the people, he’s doing wrong by the church. He refuses to live in poverty, yet doesn’t make an honest living. Instead he goes to preach from church to church to and never does an honest job of work. English IV Honors Period 4 November 27,2012 Works cited Text book, The pardoner’s Tale

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