Canterbury Tales Essay

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The Canterbury Tales are about pilgrims and their social relationships. Chaucer introduces the pilgrims according to their social order. For example, the knight is of the highest rank in the social class, while the Reeve the Miller is of the lowest. The Knight is the first teller of the Canterbury Tales and is probably the wealthiest of the pilgrims. Chaucer describes him as a worthy man who loves “chivalry, truth, honor, freedom and all courtesy” (Chaucer 722). In addition, the knight is skillful, brave and judicious as he has fought in the crusades (Chaucer 738). The narrator also describes the knight as being meek and gentle. “He was a truly perfect, gentle knight (Chaucer 722). The knight’s character was of middle class as he was honorable, noble and most distinguished. In addition, his uniform was dirty from battle. “But now to tell you his entire array, His steeds were good, but yet he was not gay” (Chaucer 722). The Miller is a character who seems bold and burly. In addition, he drunkenly demands that he will tell the second tale. “The miller, who with drinking was all pale, so that unsteadily on his horse he sat, he would not take off either hood or hat” (Chaucer 781). Furthermore, he tells a tale that is somewhat profane as he teases religious clerk’s scholarly clerks, carpenters and women. “For I will tell a legend and a life both of a carpenter and of his wife and how a scholar set the good Wright’s cap” (Chaucer 781). The Miller’s character was of the working class as he is a carpenter (Chaucer 782). ; The Reeve is comparable to a steward of manor in that they execute their jobs with accuracy. The Reeve oversees his lord’s employees and keeps them in line. However, he does steal from his master. “A thief he was, forsooth, of corn and meal, and sly at that, accustomed well to steal. The Reeve was of the working/middle class as he loyal, noble and

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