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AP English- Notes for the Canterbury Tales The Miller * Practical joke about the timeless theme of what happens when an older man marries a young, beautiful woman * John is a carpenter who is 80 years old. * John is married to an 18 year old girl named Alison * Womanizer * Alison wants to go to church because sinner * Nicholas makes Alison fall in love with him * Absolan, the church clergy man, also loved her * She made him kiss her butt * Nicolas gets branded by Absolan * Carpenter jumps out of the window and breaks his arm * Rules of the Host: must be amused and not offended The Reeve * this story tells about Reeve’s revenge against Miller * Tale of immorality for the sake of a joke. It is more bitter and harsh than the Miller’s tale * Simkin cheats people of their money; he married a Parson’s daughter * John and Alan are 2 students who wanted to catch Simkin cheating his customers so they decided to sleep at Simkin’s house saying that they needed a place to stay. * Alan sleeps with the Miller’s daughter and the wife accidently sleeps with John thinking he was her husband. The Wife of Bath * Proves a point and addresses the emancipation of women for this time * Knight is told to find what makes a woman truly wants and what makes a woman happy. * An old hag- woman tells the knight that all a women truly wants is to have full control over men. * The old hag wanted to marry the knight * Even though the knight didn’t want to marry the old hag, he does because he made a promise to her. * The knight tells her he is miserable because she’s ugly and she has full control over him * The old hag says I can be ugly and be loyal or be beautiful and be unfaithful. * The next day, the loyal hag turns into a loyal beautiful girl The Friar * Wicked, easily bribed, corrupt.

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