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Canter’s Behavior Management Cycle: a Case Study

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  • on May 8, 2013
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“Classroom management continues to bedevil urban schools.   Regardless, schools continue to adopt traditional discipline programs, such as Canter’s Assertive Discipline, which are based on behaviorist models.”   (Ullucci, 2009, UMD) These systems create “systematic discipline plans that explain exactly what will happen when students choose to misbehave,” (Canter, 1989, p. 275)   Selena Johnson is a perfect case study in which Canter’s Behavioral management Cycle was successfully utilized to   positively effect a student’s behavior.
Selena Johnson is an 8 year old student at Craig Williams Elementary School in Lakewood, California.   Selena had been a model student until about 9 months ago.   Over the last several months Selena has been a constant disruption to the class.   Selena engages in excessive talking and inappropriate outbursts while the teacher or other students are talking.   Selena has gone from an A student to a C- minus student in the last 9 months coinciding with her excessive talking and inappropriate outbursts.   Selena comes from a broken home.   Her parents divorced last year and her mother recently remarried.   Selena lives 2 weeks out of the month with her father and his new girlfriend and the other 2 weeks with her mother, step-father, 2 older step-sisters and a younger step-brother.   Selena went from an only child in a two parent home to the middle child of 4 in her mother’s home and to the only child in her father’s home where she is virtually given anything and everything she could want.   However at her mother’s house she feels like an outsider.   She spends the majority of her time at home looking for some assurances but receives very little as her mother is sleep when she gets up for school and at work when she comes in from school.   Selena’s mother works at night to supplement the family income.   So in essence Selena has become a stranger in her own home. She is in the minority amongst her stepsisters and brother and stepfather.   Selena’s behavior...

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