Canoes and Kayaks Essay

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CanCanoes and Kayaks Ben Anderson People have loved fishing and roaming around in the water for many years but we all have one problem we don’t float on top of the water. Most of the time boats are used for this reason; canoes and kayaks are a very common craft that people have been using for centuries. Both can be used for touring bodies of water or for a thrilling whitewater river. Even though they can be paddled on the same kinds of water the shape, size, and paddle are not the same. Not all canoes or kayaks are used for the same bodies of water there are different models such as a touring model, whitewater model, or an ocean exploration model. Kayaks are sleek boats meant to be close to the water they are all different shapes and sizes. Some resemble a surfboard 0n the bottom commonly used for whitewater paddling others have a more pointed shape with a keel on the bottom and are used for ore open water paddling. Kayaks were first discovered by the Inuit Eskimos they used them to hunt the inland lakes, rivers, and ocean. Kayaks we first made from wood or whale bone shaped and covered with seal skin or other animal skins. Kayaks were first used in hunting scenarios when the Inuit would go out and kill whales and other sea life. The traditional kayak has a covered deck with cock pits to sit in. Kayaks sometimes have one or two cockpits for the holding an additional passenger or transporting equipment and goods. The cockpits are sometimes covered up by a spray deck commonly called a spray skirt; the spray skirt prevents the entry of water coming in the boat when you are in powerful waves and currents. The spray skirt also makes the kayak possible to roll over once you have flipped upside down since it attaches to the person in the boat. This is commonly known as the Eskimo roll or combat roll. Modern kayaks have been created with edges and more stability to help

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