Canoe Culture Essay

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CANOE CULTURE Pacific Islands is the richest and most diverse cultures across the world. The discovery and growth of the Pacific could not have been possible if it had not been for a mode of transportation to make the brave journey across unknown seas, our ancestors required the best their hands could create with the abundance of natural resources available to them-igniting the canoe culture that changed and charted the course of history that is now our as Pacific Islanders. The origin of canoes have often been one of conflict on where it first originated be it Melanesia, Micronesia or Polynesia, one truth remains that the culture of canoes had a major role in discovery of new land. I was “…a means of trade of goods. Interlinking of islands within one pacific nation and between different Pacific Islands.” (Hornell, 1975). The craftsmanship shown by our ancestors in the canoes they made in earlier times impressed the European explorers and missionaries, as said by (Haddon, 1937) of the Fijian thamakau and Marian Island’s “flying proa” as “one of the two finest types od sailing outrigger canoes ever designed”. Other more advanced canoe creations were made and are still revered till this day such as the Fijian Drua, “…which displaced the thamakau as it was a double canoe, with more capabilities” (Irwin, 1992), the Tongan Kalia and the Samoan amatasi both similar to the Drua Canoes were significant in the livelihood of people as it was a means of transportation which brought in food crops from outer islands, a way of meeting day to day needs of food from the sea and travel. It also provided a source of trade between countries in the early days and to a certain extent the “…war canoes took many warriors to attack and gain territory, resources and power.” (Pacific Magazine, 2001) These canoes linked islands to one another. The creation of canoes also opened up many
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