Cannery Row Essay

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English III A.P Cannery Row Cannery Row expresses the idea of success in many different ways. One of them are the accomplishments of the characters and how money is not required to be the most successful man on earth. Success varies in each of the characters and is shown in a financial and humanitarian way. To be successful means to interact with the community and have what not many people have in their lives. Accomplishing your goal can also make someone successful, but it all depends on what type of goals are being shot for. Successful men and women are not always the wealthiest, and most powerful, but live happy and self sufficient lives. In Cannery Row , the main character are successful in their own way which makes them different and unique from each other. Doc is one of the most important character in Cannery Row; he is a good resercher that has no money but has knowledge and knows thing that many people don't. Doc could be the most successful character because he is caring, and has a really good reputation, generous, which leads to the fact that he earns respect from others. He is really lonely and thinks that no one likes him, the true is that he is really loved in Row and they even try to throu a party for him. The main point with Doc is that he has love and respect form his friends which make him a very successful man because not many people have what he has. Mark and the boy are the perfect example of a succesful person that are not welthy. Basically the boy are dirty poor and don't have anthing. The only thing that they have is experience which makes them the prime successful group in this novel. Even though they are poor and are not the most powerful person, they have been able to survive many years on what they have learn throughout the years. There frienship is the strongest and most valuble bond in the novel; this bond demostrates

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