Canned Food Essay

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Eating is obviously something that we as humans have to do every day. There are so many options and so many different varieties of foods that we can choose from. What you are going to read below is a comparison of the three main differences between fresh food and canned food. These differences include the health benefits, price, flavor, convenience, and effects on the environment. One of the most significant differences between these two types of foods, are the health benefits. Many people are becoming more concerned about what they are putting into their body, and want to make sure what they are eating is going to be good for them. Fresh food is all natural; there are no preservatives or chemicals added into them. They are completely healthy and being consumed the way that they were meant to be consumed. It also gives us the proper nutrients that our body needs. Whereas canned foods lose many of their natural nutrients due to the chemicals that are used to preserve and prolong shelf life. They also contain added salt and sugar which doesn't make them very healthy. Additionally, the lining of the cans themselves can leak chemicals into the foods. Secondly, there is a difference in price between these two types of foods. Most of the time fresh foods are actually not as expensive as canned foods. The reason for this is because fresh food goes right from the farm to the grocery store. There is no need for the long process of taking it to the factory, adding chemicals, canning/packaging, then finally shipping. Many people like the fact that they can buy healthier food for a less expensive price. On the other hand some people like paying more for food that is already prepared for them. Furthermore, when comparing the flavors of these two, there is a big difference. As Isaid before, canned foods have a lot of added chemicals, sugar, salt, etc. These things
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