Cannabis V Alcohol Essay

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This essay will discuss the aspects of cannabis in relation to alcohol and compare as to whether the former is safer than the latter It will also address the long term effects of cannabis and the problems that arise from abusing both substances. Such as what exactly do these drugs do to the body and how does the body process them? Are the effects always negative? Does the amount consumed make a significant difference? First, I will give a brief history of both drugs. Alcohol dates back as far as ten thousand years, when honey was commonly used to make mead, wine cultivation came later but still dates back around 5000-6000 years, (a brief history of alcohol in europe, n.d.)At that time and for many years afterwards alcohol was deemed safer to drink than impure water. Wine is used in many religious ceremonies within Christianity dating back to when the romans introduced it to Britain, though some religions do not tolerate alcohol at all such as the Muslim faith. America decided on the 16th of January 1920 to bring in Prohibition due to 4 main reasons: - medical, economic, political and social (oracle thinkquest, n.d.) but in February 1933 prohibition was ended due to many reasons the biggest being organised crime. Cannabis is thought to have been used as far back as 4000 years, originating in China, it was used as a medicine for many complaints, such as rheumatism, malaria and pain relief, Queen Victoria’s doctors often administered it for period pain relief (panorama, n.d.) It did not spread to the West until 1545 where it was produced to make fibre. Cannabis is usually smoked but can also be made into a tea and put into food. The compound that makes cannabis create its effects is called THC (tetrahydrocannibol).Cannabis was made illegal in Britain in 1928. Although both substances are mind altering, alcohol and cannabis differ quite significantly; these are
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