Cannabis and Legalization Essay

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The legalization of marijuana is a very controversial and hotly debated topic in modern day Canadian society. Marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes, cannabis laws internationally are more liberal, and the US influences have had a negative impact on current cannabis laws in Canada. The legalization or decriminalization can bring many benefits to Canadian society. Finally, case studies dealing with marijuana show the need for the legalization of it, and how the current marijuana laws in Canada have had a positive impact on society. Marijuana should be legalized in Canada because the economical, medicinal, and other benefits outweigh the negative impacts on society. Marijuana has many medicinal benefits especially for those who suffer from grave and debilitating medical conditions. One of the main and major benefits of medicinal marijuana is the relief it gives for those who suffer from chronic and neuropathic pain (Uddin,2011). A study published by the journal of Neuropsychopharmacology found that 46% of HIV patients dealing with neuropathic pain experienced at least a 30% reduction in pain after the use of medicinal marijuana (Uddin,2011). This shows that medicinal marijuana can be very beneficial to those dealing with disease. With legalizing marijuana in Canada, it will give people dealing with diseases like HIV another option for pain relief other than prescription drugs. Also, medical marijuana is very beneficial to cancer and HIV patients who suffer from decreased appetite. This is because medical cannabis encourages the body’s appetite and helps the patients to have more energy to battle the disease (Rosenthal and Kubby,2003). Many cancer patients can also benefit from medicinal weed because THC can decrease symptoms of nausea and vomiting which many cancer patients experience during chemo and radiation treatments (Rosenthal and Kubby,2003). In the
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