Cannabis Essay

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Plant Morphoanatomy Critique Paper Marijuana also known as Cannabis, came from a cannabis plant used as a psychoactive drug and as a medicine but can lead to intoxication and abusive use of the drug. The word marijuana is to describe dried seeds, fruits, flowers and leaves of the Indian hemp plant. It is also called by other names, such as: Mary Jane, weed, roach, dope, ganja, hemp, grown, astro turf, bhang, grass, dagga and reefer. The author considered different viewpoints of the drug, discussing both the negative and the positive effects that might happen if the drug is taken orally. She cited legitimate sources that had given their opinions about the drug. But the down side of the text would be, when she forgot to give focus on how the drug will effect when it is inhaled, or used as a cigarette. Her task is to give other people more information about the effects of Marijuana, whether a doctor or a cancer patient. The text was wholly focused on learning if the said drug, Marijuana, is a medicine. Based on what I have read, it is kind of a medicine because it eases pain and aids the loss of appetite. But it is also based on the consumer, in terms of how high the dosage he/she is taking. Too much of this drug can have bad effect on the body, like vomiting and an upset stomach, said by Ms. Sagen. We actually can never trust this drug because as said by Stephen DeAngelo, “It’s difficult to understand how we can call it medicine if we don’t know what’s in it.” The negative feedback overweighs the positive effect of the drug. So if I am to choose between the easy way out or the slow but safest way, I’ll probably choose the latter because, how sure am I that the easy way would not get back at me. I would want to get better even if it takes time. To assess the text, this would help people be aware of what kind this product is. We should always dig deeper and get more

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