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BUSN460 Team Contract Successful teams begin with guidelines that help to manage their work. For this class you and your teammates will need to create a set of rules called a Team Contract. As a team, complete all the sections listed below to build your Team Contract. Section I: Team Member Skill Inventory Each team member must complete this section. Name | Strengths/Contributions | Not so strong areas | Dooley, William | | | Garcia, Crystal | Accounting Background | Writing Papers | Haught, Bret | | | Pheloan, Danielle | Accounting | Public Speaking/Writing Papers | Tsosie, Fred | Writing Papers/Organizing | | | | | | | | Section II: Work Plan This section should include a plan for communication and written work. * How will the team members share their work? * Team members will share their work through the team discussion board. We will also plan on discussing the work once a week at the team meeting. * When will all members need to have their part of the project done so that it can be turned in on time? What will you do if members turn in work after the deadline? * All team members need to have their work in no later than Friday to insure that the team has time to look over it and put it all together. This will also allow for enough time for the team leader to submit it. * How will you manage team members who do not participate? * Team members who do not actively participate should be given a warning, if no chance then the professor needs to aware of non- participating of the student. * How will you choose your team leader * What will be the responsibilities of the team leader? * The responsibility of the team leader is to keep the team focused on the task and also to add guidance to the team when needed. The team leader should also be responsible for submitting

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