Cango Week 4 Analysis

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CanGo Week 4 Analysis Issues 1. CanGo is lacking and implementation plan for new technology. 2. CanGo needs to decide which operation model is best for their warehouse. 3. CanGo is lacking communication. 4. CanGo should consider the economic and financial consideration before investing in technology. 5. CanGo should consider the benefits of the new technological system. 6. CanGo should consider the issues of the new technological system. 7. CanGo doesn’t know their target market. Recommendations 1. Management is uncomfortable with the idea of a new ASRS system, due to the cost and the large task of integrating the new system to their warehouse, website, and current discount system. Before the new system arrives, we recommend that CanGo should create an implementation plan for integrating the new ASRS system. This should be a task assigned to their project managers. The project managers should not only manage the process of physically adding the new system, but educating the entire company about the new system. CanGo’s project team needs to define what the new ASRS system will require and create a strategy plan based on those goals. CanGo needs to create an implementation plan that includes a detailed description of what tasks need to be done and what needs to be purchased as far as equipment needed during the implementation period. Not only should the warehouse employees be trained, but the IT team should know how to operate and troubleshoot any technology that comes with the new system. The accounting department should be trained on how the new system processes orders. All employees need to be educated on the new system before it arrives, especially managers who, according to Robbins “need to stay alert to environmental changes that may impact the implementation and respond as needed” (Robbins 229). A new system will change both

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