Cango Week 3&4 Essay

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WEEK 3 ISSUE #1 - CanGo is about to take a big chance by investing in new technology to increase their production and also to expedite their process flow. The implementation of the new inventory process, CanGo is concerned with order accuracy. In an effort to make the shipping process quicker, the team was focused on speed and not as much on quality of the order picking. Resolution #1 - A full analysis of the new machine, conveyor system, and the automated software should be performed to ensure it meets the need of the company’s order accuracy goals. As part of the system analysis, the team should also use references to verify the quality standards of the system when used in real life scenarios. It is mentioned that last year, one of their top customer complaints was order accuracy. To prevent help prevent this concern, the new system should be fully vetted prior to purchase. This can then be used as additional selling point for purchasing and converting to the new system. They need to make sure the profit obtained from this investment is enough to justified it. It is possible that additional research would have to be conducted which will involve a delay on the project but the possible fail on the investment is worth the wait. WEEK 4 ISSUE #1 - CanGo is looking at becoming more productive within their specific demographic. Before doing so they have to make the appropriate actions to encourage the customers to follow through with their orders and expanding to different demographics. Aspire Business Consultants has become aware of six key issues with recommendations that will help provide a solid foundation for future endeavors. These issues cover a range of concerns that ABC strongly suggests will need to be addressed before moving forward. Resolution #1 - Although 75% of consumer from online sources do not go through and purchase an item after
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