Cango Week 2 Analysis

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Team Video Analysis Report Week 2 1. Issue: Can Go's lack of business planning and structure. CanGo needs to create a Strategic Management Process. Although Can Go has managed to become a successful company without plan this far, in order to maintain their success and/or take their company to the next level they need to create plan. Recommendation:Create mission statement for the company.In the video where the Director of Financing, Clark and Director of Accounting, Ethel were having a conversation about whether Can Go should venture into online gaming, they were both very concerned. They were completely unaware of the reason why Can Go would want to start online gaming. A mission statement would help provide visibility of the company’s overall mission and goal. All employees will be on the same page in regards to the purpose of the company and they will have a better understanding of why certain decisions are being made. Setting long term goals and objectives will also aide in making decisions in regards to what project or programs will be implemented in order to achieve set goals and objectives. Once goals and objectives has been set Can Go must then round table and come up with possible projects and programs that will help obtain their goals and objectives. Currently Can Go has online gaming and the possible implementation of an ASRS system. Project such these must be analyzed to determine which has the least amount of cost and provides the highest return for Can Go. When this is determined, implementation process begins. 2. Issue: The new project is a high priority and it needs to be looked at as an opportunity. A Cost and a Market Analysis needs to be created. Recommendation: A SWOT Report for CanGo Company needs to be enforced so they are able to evaluate their strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths: Can Go has climbed a

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