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Team B – Reliable Consulting Firm DeVry University Online Week 3 & 4 Video Analysis Report 1/29/12 Week 3 & 4 Video Analysis Report For any business to have long term success, some form of strategic planning is necessary. As such, it is important that both the managers and the employees need to work together as a single unit in order for the company’s goals to be achieved. After reviewing the information presented on CanGo, several deficiencies were noted; and as a result the members of Reliable Consulting Firm have made several recommendations to which will help to propel CanGo into the online gaming industry, as well as remain competitive. Issues: 1. Sharing consumer needs: customer complaints 2. Loss of customers: customers not completing transactions 3. Lack of dependability: CEO should not depend on one person to review long-term strategic impacts of new technology and process changes. 4. Productivity problems: jumbled flow and long search time. 5. Less conservative: Operations department needs to be less conservative when it comes to improving performance data. 6. Cost of ASRS system: high cost of ASRS vehicles. Recommendations to the management team at CanGo Inc. 1. CanGo can solve the issues of consumer need with the help from outside firms that do extensive research on consumers, a research firm like the one mention in the video. By studying the behavior of consumers that buy from them would give CanGo an outlook on what type of consumers they attract and their characteristic. Knowing what your consumers like would help them from ordering merchandise that is not getting sold. By the use of this firm it can give CanGo a heads up on peer pressure and let them know what appeals and what don’t appeal to their customer. With this study being done on CanGo customers and they learning the wants and needs of their customer would help

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