Cango Senior Project Case Study

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The CanGo Senior project team needs to implement a more concise form of establishing, executing, and finishing projects. MELO marketing has proposed a plan to used Microsoft’s Project Management software with each project. This is system creates visual milestones and has the capability of assigning resources to all task that need to be completed within a project. For CanGo the majority of their project’s resources will be people, the current employees will be assigned to tasks according to their skill set and skill level. Using this software exclusively on all projects will greatly reduce the hectic current project execution system that is in place. The communication lines are totally disrupted. There needs to be more structure with communicating what is expected and needed amongst employees. This can be done by weekly meetings. Every week at 12:00 pm Monday morning the senior staff and board of directors will have to meet (in person or phone) and talk about which deliverables are needed and why. While every employee…show more content…
There are certain steps that need to be taken to insure that CanGo can make profit from year to year. CanGo also operates at a high debt ratio. This means that it is imperative for CanGo to produce efficiently and not lag and any quarter of any year. This will prevent possible bind for cash or losing shareholders trust. CanGo has very low profitability ratios, low turnover ratios and a high debt equity ratio. All these demonstrates that it’s in Cango’s best interest to take control of their financial performance, and focus on generating cash for the company, make better use of available resources and ensure that they are able to generate profit. The company should not take more debt and need to focus on how to use their existing resources to generate more cash flow to be able to operate and meet their financial obligations. Under the current operating system debt is increasingly being

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