Cango Marjeting Analysis

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Marketing Analysis The goal of this market analysis is to determine how to get CanGo online game up and running before the holiday season. This analysis will present CanGo strength and opportunities. The Success Corp. will turn all of CanGo opportunities and turn them into an advantage. CanGo is a company that started up in just a couple of years and our goal is to get it started in the right direction. CanGo largest opportunities at this point in time is getting a stable online game up and running. The second is having it prepared before the holiday season. The opportunities that CanGo has to face are the lack of organization for the project, the funds for the project are limited, and lack of resource. CanGo upper management stated that they do not have the extra funds to add extra people or add to the server speed for the launch of the game. The first step that CanGo have to take is to task a group leader for the project to start off organizing the project. That Group leader has to manage and give specific task to each member so that they can get the project started and organize so that they can succeed. During that evaluation the group leader and the team should focus on what type of game that they want to create. CanGo have to figure out what type of game that they want to create in order to answer the other questions such as the funds and how powerful the server should be. During that process CanGo should try to be unique and stand on there on with developers instead of copying other companies such as Electronics Art (EA). The marketing aspect should be looked at as what is common with those companies from yours. CanGo should do something that will make a splash in online gaming instead of trying to outdo another company. CanGo choose the right platform to get the game started and that is online gaming. It is the fastest way to get CanGo

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