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CanGo Analysis and Consultation Final Report Alpha Team BUSN 460 Senior Projects June 19th, 2012 Tyson Coussens – Marketing Analysis Marilyn Bastidas – SWOT Analysis Sia Chang – Competitive Analysis David Bell – Financial Analysis Chorrinda Bausman – Strategic Recommendations Executive Summary Alpha Team Consulting is made up of five team members Tyson Coussens, Marilyn Bastida, Sia Chang, David Bell, and Chorrinda Bausman. We have been hired by CanGo to observe the company’s operation processes and give recommendations to help CanGo recover from and prevent any issues the company currently faces, as they progress in current and new business verticals. CanGo is a newer company, providing high quality technical and game services to its clients, which will provide a wide array of environmental consulting services to its market, offering cutting edge product and services to its client base. Some of these services include books, DVDs, and online gaming services. The company not only delivers the some of the trendiest games on the market, but also offers the best service when it comes to product delivery and support. CanGo continually strives to provide its clients with best in class entertainment by implementing the latest technology on their website, and with product innovation and excellent service. CanGo will target small to medium sized customers and other organizations within the Southern part of the United States and will seek major contracts with medium sized-firms. Those contracts will be serviced with the assistance of strategic alliances, both with other CanGo companies such as Gamex and Associates and Gox games, as well as other professional groups. The game industry in United States is an evolving sector which is comprised of companies and organizations that provide games technologies or goods and services which address games issues and

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