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Effects of introduction of Cane Toads species in the Australian Ecosystem Name Name of institution 12th May 2015 Introduction Introduced species refers to the plant or an animal that is not native to a particular place. These species are known to have the tendency of spreading quickly thus damaging the environment, human health as well as the human economy. The introduction of these species can either be accidental or deliberate. The deliberate cause of the introduction of these species can be either to control other species or for sporting purposes. The introduced species that cause negative effects to the local environment are referred to as the invasive species. In Australia, cane toads…show more content…
Cane toadis known as a ground-dwelling predator where it relies on the aquatic and terrestrial insects and snails as its food. Moreover, these toads take the food left out for other pets. Cane toads are the victim of accidental movement by the pot plants or loads of timber. More important is the impact of these toads to the environment that they survive in. Cane toad protects itself through poison where it has varying degrees of poison depending on the stage of life that it is…show more content…
However, those that negatively influence the environment should be controlled at early stages. Cane toad being amongst the invasive species have increased spreading in Australia that have resulted in the adverse results from the intended ones thus calling for the control measures to carried. Bibliography Ecology: Toxins for cane-toad control. (2012). Nature, 487(7408), pp.409-409. Slezak, M. (2013). Australian fires offer insight into fire-prone future. New Scientist, 217(2900), p.12-90. Letnic, M., Webb, J. and Shine, R. (2008). Invasive cane toads (Bufo marinus) cause mass mortality of freshwater crocodiles (Crocodylus johnstoni) in tropical Australia. Biological Conservation, 141(7), pp.1773-1782. Shine, R. (2011). Invasive species as drivers of evolutionary change: cane toads in tropical Australia. Evolutionary Applications, 5(2), pp.107-116. Shine, R. (2010). The Ecological Impact of Invasive Cane Toads (Bufo Marinus ) in Australia. The Quarterly Review of Biology, 85(3),

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