Candy Addiction Essay

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I think candy should not be invented because an excessive consumption of sugar starting from dependency at a young age and can later lead to serious health problems which should never be ignored. To prevent this situation from happening, the most effective way is definitely to stop inventing candy. First of all, giving children candy all the time can make them addicted to sugar. There is an extremely essential concept that should be taken into account: a child reacts differently to sugar than an adult. For instance, drinking a soda can keep an adult awake due to the sugar and caffeine. However, the same level of sugar in a child’s body would be equivalent of an adult drinking 6 sodas. That is to say kids will go crazy after sweets. Moreover, too much sugar can cause cavity and rot your teeth. Cavities have been identified as a bacterial infection caused by bacteria. Bacteria inhabit the plaque and tear up to 500 different products producing acid. Plaque interacts with sugar in the candies produce acid which will slowly dissolve the calcium in the teeth and will cause tooth decay. Children, who are often consuming high-sugar diet and less aware of tooth brushing, are at high risk of developing tooth decay. Besides, eating too much sugar can cause obesity. Diabetes are examples of such problems. According to the Department of Health, 1 in 5 primary students were overweight/ obese in 2006/ 2007 which could be contributed by frequently intake of sugary food. Overweight children are more likely to stay obese into adulthood and to develop chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases at a younger age. In the final analysis, I think candy should not be invented because there are a lot of disadvantages, such as being addicted to sugar, rotting your teeth and causing obesity. Trust me, if you want to be healthy, eat less

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