Candide by Voltaire

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During the Age of Enlightenment, a religious war was taking place called the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition was when Catholics persecuted heretics, Jews, Protestants, Muslims, etc. These persecutions ultimately lead to the execution or torture of most of the persecuted people. And these Inquisitors killed in the name of God and for God. These killings would cause contradictions between the church's action and its teachings from the Bible. Voltaire, a philosopher and author of the famous story Candide, depicts his thoughts in satire, writing styles. And through the satire he is able to hint throughout out the story of the silliness and hypocritical actions taking place during the Enlightenment. Mocking religion is one of the main intentions Voltaire has when writing Candide. Outside of the world of El Dorado, religion is depicted as corrupt and morally bankrupt. Religious figures in Candide, such as the Protestant minister, the Inquisitor, and the Jesuit Baron inhumanely treat their non-followers by their interpretations of the Bible. For instances, the murders pertaining to the Spanish Inquisition contradict the bible: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (New International Version). Yet the dead bodies of a Spanish inquisitor, a catholic, and Master Issachar, a Jew, were given different treatment " [...when] the Inquisitor, was interred in a magnificent manner, and Master Issachar's body was thrown upon a dunghill" (Candide). This excerpt for Candide show a difference between what is in the Bible and the actions of Catholics during this time. Along with religious tolerance, another bible verses they are going against is, “Honor all men: love the brotherhood […]” (New International Version), the Inquisitors are not
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