Candide Book Critique

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Candide Book Critique In my world history class, we are reading and critiquing the book Candide by François-Marie Arouet, more commonly known under his assumed name, Voltaire. Voltaire wrote this book to make a point about religious intolerance and exhibit his philosophies to influence the world. This is my critique of the novel: Candide was published in 1759 by Gabriel Cramer in French. The book was written in Geneva, Switzerland. My teacher chose this book for me so I could understand how and why Voltaire uses satire by applying humor to explain the ridiculous aspects of life and society in the 1750's, and understand the different things that were going on in history at that point. This book is useful for my studies because I now have a better understanding of Voltaire's points of views on the Age of Enlightenment and really be able to dissect his harsh opinions about the ruling during this time period. Practically, it shows me how there's another side to the Enlightenment, and not everyone agreed with what the church and government said. In a way, it relates to how today, our religious and racial intolerance is useless and everyone is entitled to their opinions and should not be penalized like Voltaire was for his. Voltaire wrote this book to further demonstrate his unhappiness with the church, government, and philosophies at that time. He was hoping to inform readers about the ridiculousness of the authority by means of entertainment through satire. This book was not only packed with information, but it was also a fun read relating back to Voltaire's witty and intelligent personality. Since the book was written this way, the greater public was able to understand it, not just intellectuals and nobility, and his ideas and thoughts were more easily spread because of Candide's enjoyability as a novel. I believe the main message Voltaire was trying to get
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