Candide Essay

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As we grow up, we are under the teachings of many people. There’s our family, teachers, coaches, and even our friends. Each one of them has a different lesson to teach us and they will teach it under their own beliefs. With all these lessons to be learned, how do we know when the information we are receiving is truthful and believable? This is the same kind of problem Candide faces in his journey as he travels with Pangloss, Cacambo, and Martin. He goes through a lot, but is he being practical when it comes to his decisions? “Things cannot be otherwise than they are, for since everything is made to serve an end, everything necessarily serves the best end”. These words are the words of Pangloss, the tutor in the castle of the Baron of Thunder-Ten-Tronckh, that Candide listened to attentively and believed implicitly. Pangloss gave instructions is metaphysico-theologico-cosmoloonigology. The first time Pangloss’ teachings were challenged is after Candide gets kicked out of the castle and runs into two recruiting officers. They invite him to dine with them, and he accepts after a little persuading. Candide believes that this is what Pangloss speaks about when he says everything is for the best. He may have gotten kicked out of the castle, but now he has just been offered to dine with officers. When he took it upon himself to go for a walk one day, which was prohibited, he was met by four heroes who threw him into a dungeon. He was then put through the gauntlet and also received floggings. If it wasn’t for the King of the Bulgars, who saved him from this terrible torture, Candide would be dead. War broke out between the King of the Bulgars and the King of the Abares. This was the time in which Candide decided to leave. He ended up in Holland in the presence of a man who was talking about charity. He figured this man could spare him

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