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Lauren Carpenter LIT 2010 Paper 1, Draft 1 19 February 2010 Candide’s Optimistic Roller coaster As we know, the alternate title for Candide by Francois- Marie Arouet de Voltaire is Optimism. The story is about a man named Candide who is living a decent life in a nice castle. Candide is a good man with good morals and intentions. But suddenly, out of an innocent act of affection, Candide’s life is changed forever. This is where he embarks on a life journey with miracles, horrors, misfortunes and luck. Candide, in the beginning of the story, is wholeheartedly optimistic. But when life shows the not-so-fair aspects to Candide, he somewhat loses his optimism. Throughout the story, Candide encounters a roller coaster ride with his optimistic views on life, but still keeps it. In some parts of the story, his optimism is high, and in some other parts, it is low. At the beginning of the story, Candide lives in a castle with the Baron and Baroness and their daughter, Lady Cunègonde. He’s a young, naïve, optimistic boy who falls in love with the Lady Cunègonde. He truly believes all is for the best and that good will triumph over evil. But after his first kiss with Lady Cunègonde, Candide finally bites off a piece of the real world. Life has many misfortunes, especially in the life of Candide. The Baron kicks Candide out of the castle, to never see his ladylove again. He wanders the streets with hunger in his belly and no place to sleep for a long time. Two men pick Candide up and treat him to supper, and Candide is sure that life will get better. But unbeknownst to him, the two men are part of the Bulgar army and kidnap Candide. Candide is forced to serve in the Bulgar army in which great crimes are committed and murder is essential. After finally escaping the Bulgar army, Candide is back on the

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