Candide Essay

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1. Candide or Optimism Dude a. An interesting point that this article states shows how one word can change the meaning of a line. Another interesting point made in this article is that his nineteenth-century translation was the best way to capture Voltaire’s eighteenth-century work, in order for it to be relatable to modern readers. This article also brought up an interesting question stating “Do translators imbue their work with temporal signifiers, those that don't stand out as readily as "dude"?” This question brings about the question of whether the responsibility of interpreting these terms should be put on the reader or the translator. Another interesting point I read in this article is about how difficult it is translating from a piece of literature from one language to another because the translation is only limited to common words among the two languages, and other hidden emotions would have to be conveyed in a different way. 2. 18th Century Oriental Tales b. The 18th century oriental tales article stated that critics romance and epic did not go well together, but in the 18th century the Nights was seen as a complement to classical epics. I found it interesting when the article also pointed out the it was mainly appealing due to its magical elements and visions of a luxurious east. I also found it interesting that the structure of oriental tales is different than an usual epic, it generally consists of short stories. According to the article, and to my way of thinking, Oriental tales seemed to create the distance necessary to perceive seemingly natural cultural practices and institutions in new ways. 3. Pangloss Regained c. The article stated that Latin was losing its ground as a French language at the same time major innovations in science were taking place. This makes me wonder if there is any correlation between the

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