Candidate Statement for Use and Administration of Medications in a Care Home Setting

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Candidate Statement. When receiving medication it should be signed for and stored in an area that is safe and locked at all times. The person responsible should have the keys kept on them at all times and never leave them lying around where any other persons could obtain them. All controlled drugs must be locked away and recorded sufficiently. When dealing with medication the upmost care should be taken to ensure that the correct medication is given to the correct individual and remembering that each prescription is prescribed on an individual basis. When administrating medication the identity of the individual must be checked before any medication is administered, this can be done by photographic identification, verbal identification and visual identification and also by communicating with other professionals. Medication should be checked against the MAR chart checking the individuals name, medication prescribed, dosage, time of medication and side effects. Before starting the drug administration process it is important to ensure that all the appropriate equipment is at hand i.e. fresh water in a jug, clean glasses, clean medication pots, waste container, disposable gloves and aprons, this reduces the likelihood of having to leave the trolley unattended unnecessarily and reduces distractions. It is also important to make sure the trolley is clean and tidy and that you are familiar with where the drugs are stored, it should also be secured to the wall where sited and if at any time was to be left unattended then it should be locked securely and the keys remain with the person administrating. If the individual refuses to take the medication then it should be recorded where relevant and the medication disposed of accordingly, no medication should be forcibly given and the individual must always give valid consent. Infection control must always be adhered to and used

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