Cancer Research Essay

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Cancer Research Paper Cancer Research Paper No matter the age the scariest battle that one can take on and that can attack anyone even if you are someone that has or is in good health is cancer. It's the scariest thing to go through and it is painful, a battle that can have both negative and positive outcomes depending on your treatment and how early it is caught. It is something that is life changing and it changes your perspectives on things because of how severe it is. Cancer is a deadly disease that can affect anyone at anytime, it is a uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in a part of the body. It is not limited to what it can attack and can spread throughout the body rapidly depending on the stage and severity of the disease. There is also many different types of cancer and is not limited to just one, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, appendix cancer, bone cancer, spinal cord cancer, and many more. Also depending where your cancer is and the growth of the tumor it can affect your body's regular functions because it is something that you are no use to. This is why it is important to go to the doctors when you are not feeling good or your body is telling you that something is not normal because you never know what it could be. While now and days there is many ways to treat cancer there are still battles that are lost because it is discovered too late and treatments fail. While doctors are always looking for way to improve these treatments to make the survival rate higher it is not something that is accomplished over night unfortunately. The types of treatments that are popular and available for timely and accurate diagnosis are, selective surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapeutic drugs, and targeted therapies for the area where the cancer is located. Some of these treatments may seem to have very had to deal with symptoms such as being

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