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Physical Performance Limitations in Adolescence and Adults Survivors of Childhood Cancer and Their Siblings Darnell Felder Kean University Darnell Felder Psych Principles Dr. Lauer-Listhaus 21 March 2013 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Review of Literature 4-5 Methods Results Conclusion References 6 Abstract This study focuses and examines the physical act limitations of children who have been diagnosed with cancer according to their sports and daily activities. Methods: The Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study issued questionnaires to those cancer survivors who were eligible for this study as well as their siblings. The age group ranged from 5 through 16 years of age. Siblings received questionnaires as well but didn’t have any cancer question on theirs. There were two types of physical acts that were measured: 1) limitations in sports; 2) limitations in daily activity. Results: The case included 1038 survivors and 534 siblings. Inclusive, 96 survivors and 7 siblings announced a limitation in sports mainly caused by neurological problems. Children who were diagnosed more recently were announced to have more limitations with daily activities. That mean functional score was 49.6 in survivors and 53.1 in siblings. Those children who were recently diagnosed were more affected by limitations. Children who endured radiotherapy, bone tumors and CNS tumors were durably affected. Keywords: Childhood cancer, limitations, tumors, survivors Review of Literature Methods This study was known as The Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (SCCSS). The SCCSS study was done on a Swiss child that was diagnosed at the age of 0-15 years old whose outcome of fighting cancer was successful. This study focused on children and adolescence that were diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma, central nervous system (CNS) tumors, malignant solid

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