Cancer Patient Essay

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Cancer Patient Cancer Patient Childhood leukemia is the most common type of cancer found in children and young teens. Leukemia is caused by abnormal white blood cells forming in bone marrow, then the white blood cells rapidly travel through the bloodstream and crowd out healthy cells. When that happens it helps increase our body’s chance of infection as well as other health problems. Some of the risk factors that might cause childhood leukemia would be: * A sibling or identical twin with leukemia * An hereditary immune system problem like ataxia telangiectasia * An hereditary illness such as Down syndrome, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, or Klinefelter syndrome * Organ transplants An environmental risk of getting leukemia could be exposure to high levels of chemotherapy, radiation, chemicals such as benzene. There is no prevention against childhood leukemia right now but there are signs and symptoms of childhood leukemia, not all signs and symptoms means that your child can have leukemia and some signs can be associated with a different health or blood problem. Some signs and symptoms include the following: * Easily tired, dizzy, pale, weak, or shortness of breath- this can also be a sign of anemia which is caused by a lack of red blood cells. * Unexpected weight loss or loss of appetite, in some cases if the liver or spleen becomes large enough, it will lean against the stomach, which will limit the amount of food your child or teen can eat. This will lead to weight loss and loss of appetite. * Gum problems, cancer can grow to the mouth and cause problems such as bleeding and swelling. * Leukemia can cause spots on the skin that spreads out and may look like rashes. * Swelling in the face, side of neck, groin, underarms, and abdomen. * Easy bruising or bleeding. Leukemia affects the body by disturbing the usual balance of
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