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Running head: Cancer Information Page 1 Cancer Information Tinia C Allen University of Phoenix HCA/240 Week 2 Appendix B Sunday December 8, 2013 Page 2 I chose Option 2 Young Adults and leukemia and how it affects young adults. My bosses lost their son to leukemia. He would have been my age so this really hit home for me. Every year when his birthday roles around I can see the sadness and how bad they hurt for their son. My heart truly goes out to them. I really hope that someday a cure is found. Causes and risk factors, including environmental risks: Though it is unsure as to what causes leukemia. There are things that are known to increase the different kinds of leukemia. These are called risk factors. You are more likely to get leukemia if you are: 1) exposed to large amounts of radiation. 2) exposed to certain chemicals at work, such as benzene. 3) Had some type or chemotherapy to treat another cancer. 4) Have down syndrome or some other genetic problems. 5) Smoke. However most people who have these risk factors, never get leukemia, just as those who do have leukemia do not have any known risk factors("Leukemia", 2013). Prevention and detection The most common cancer in adolescents is Leukemia. Though it is considered a rare disease it accounts for 1 out 3 cancers that occur in children. It is a cancer of blood forming cells in the bone marrow. Unlike normal cells, these cells are unable to mature and they accumulate in the blood and organs. Because of this they are not able to perform the normal functions of blood cells ("Leukemia", 2013). Page 3 How the Cancer affects the body: Some

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