Cancer Drug Shortage Essay

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1. generic injected drugs, which are the workhorses of hospitals but are difficult to make and produce little profit for drugmakers. The shortages are caused primarily by problems with sterility and other serious issues that have led to shutdowns of production lines and occasionally entire factories. In addition, consolidation among generic drug manufacturers, as well as manufacturers deciding to end production of marginally profitable drugs, has led to decreased capacity. That means when one manufacturer suddenly stops production, the small number of others making a drug can't quickly pick up slack. A MAJOR PRODUCTION FACILITY OF THE DRUG WAS SHUT DOWN IN NOVEMBER there are no routine mechanisms in place requiring manufacturers to notify anyone formally that a drug may be entering into a shortage phase, why the drug is entering the shortage phase, and how long it will be in short supply. 2. The FDA said it will temporarily allow importation of a replacement drug for Doxil, a drug for ovarian and other cancers that hasn't been available for new patients for months. The agency also approved another supplier for a preservative-free version of methotrexate, a crucial drug for children with a type of leukemia calledacute lymphoblastic leukemia and for high-dose treatment of bone cancer. The version with preservatives can be toxic or cause paralysis in children and other patients getting the drug high doses. THE DRUG SHORTAGE PREVENTION ACT Now the FDA is importing the drugs (or similar ones) from other countries in order to meet demand 3. THE DRUG SHORTAGE PREVENTION ACT The Food and Drug Administration has a website listing drug shortages, but as they note the information provided may not be complete or timely, since there is no legislative/regulatory requirement that such information be reported. And the companies themselves may provide the

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