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Here are some random thoughts about cancer in general and what I think I have observed in my own nine years of surgery, recovery, and chemo. Those who have been riding that tiger formany years surely have a sense of its presence that is different from the sense with which those with fewer years' experience regard it. It occurs to me that when cancer first is diagnosed that it is a challenge to know that the illness is cancer. Some can't even say the word for a few months. Some become angry and feel that they have been betrayed, because they think that they don't deserve to be saddled with that monster. Some have expressed anger at God for permitting them to have cancer. Some have told me they are angry at the world even stay in a posture of denial that it's not really cancer, and that it will all be made well, or it will be discovered that it was a mis-diagnosis. This sort of delusion has been observed to last for several years with some. Some others just accept "the death sentence" and die. Not all who die have given up. There are too many whom I personally know that have died in spite of everything that could be done by them and for them, emotionally and medically. It seems to me that we have to accept the fact that cancer is not an immediately solvable illness, but it's more nearly so than it has been at any time in medical history. Recently I have read that those with religious faith have a better time of it than those who do not. One of the remarkable pieces I read was to the effect that when people pray for those with cancer that those with cancer improve, even if they don't know there are people praying for them. It seems to me that more practical people, those who don't accept the "death sentence" as soon as they are aware of the diagnosis, first try to find out everything they can about their own cancer. This has a number of benefits for the patient. One

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