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cancer and prevention cancer Cancer is a non-contagouse deadly disease that has killed up to 7.9% million people in 2007 and is predicted to increase up to 11.5 % in 2030. But what is it exactly? Cancer is a term used for diseases in which cells grow in a abstract and dangerous ways.The most common cancer cases are: Prostate cancer(18 560 cases) Bowel cancer (15 840 cases) Breast cancer (14 680 cases) Melanoma of the skin (12510 cases) Lung cancer (11 280 cases) Cancer was first discoverd by Hippocrates in around 1500 b.c in egypt. Details where writen onpapyrus and 8 caces of tumers ocurring on the breast. It was cured by a method of destroying tissue with a hot instrument called 'the fire drill'.Also recorded was no cure only palliative treatment. Cancer has spread rapidly in the past thousand years and is gowing. Some ways people spread cancer is bloodtranfutions(contact through blood) genitic or over exposure to sunlight, so slip, slop, slap. Symptoms of cancer are: Persistent fatigue: phsycal or mental exhaustion due to stress unintentional wieght loss: loosing wieght whithout meaning to Pain: this is not an early sign Fever: non-specific symptom Bowel changes: e.g constipation ,diarrhea,blood stools,gas Some treatments do work like surgery,Raidiotherapy,chemotherapy and hormone therapy . Surgery is cutting open a specific part of the body to take a look at an artery or a bone in order to repare it. Radiotherapy uses high doses of radiation to destroy cancer cells or delay growth. Chemothereropy is almost always combiended with other treat ments and uses drugsto control the cancer. Hormone theropy is to surgicaly remove the hormone where the cancer is. So please donate money to the cancer council and help find the cure because cancer effects everyone Postage address: GPO Box 4708, Sydney NSW 2001 Fax: +61 2 8063 4101

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