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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Cancer accounted for 13% of all deaths worldwide, or 7.6 million deaths in total and is estimated to rise to a total of 13.1 million deaths by 2030. Some examples of cancer are lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, etc. In this essay, I will discuss some of the many types of cancers, what causes them and discuss the symptoms and treatments of them. Lung Cancer is cancer that starts in the lungs and is the most deadly form of cancer. It begins in the cells that line up the tubes called bronchi. The leading cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoking. What determines your risk for lung cancer is the time period of your life in which you started smoking and is also determined by the amount you smoke a day. Secondhand smoking, asbestos, and a family history of lung cancer may also determine whether you’re at risk for lung cancer or not. Symptoms of lung cancer depend on the type of cancer, but may include chest pain, constant coughing and coughing blood, fatigue, losing weight, and shortness of breath in early stages of the cancer. Symptoms in later stages may include bone pain, tenderness of the bone, facial paralysis, changing of voice, joint pain, shoulder pain, difficulty swallowing, weakness, and swelling in the face or arms. The two main types of lung cancer are Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and Small-cell lung cancer. Ways to treat NSCLC depends on the stage of the cancer. Most often, treatment for NSCLC is surgery for patients with the cancer that hasn’t spread beyond nearby lymph nodes. Another method for patients is the removal of one of the lobes of the lung, or just part of the lung, or the whole entire lung in general. A treatment for Small-cell lung cancer is chemotherapy taken by the mouth or injected into the body. Another treatment is radiation therapy, which uses powerful x-rays or

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