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Cancer Jessica M. Weiss Cancer Terror, confusion, worry and panic run through the minds of all when we hear the phrase “you have cancer”. Some might say we have more technology to help understand this condition but others just give up when they hear the phrase. Fear of not getting better sets in the mind and creates a whole lot of “what if’s”. Although learning more about cancer will help you learn how to live and treat the condition when most people have cancer they think of it in a terminal way. There are causes that increase the occurrence of this condition. There are multiple causes when it comes to this condition. Cancer can be caused by genetic factors. Life style factors can become a major cause of cancer. Your diet, physical activities and tobacco usage are some of the factors that decrease health too. Radiation is a factor that many worry about that may cause cancer. Certain types of radiation are linked to cancer but not all of them are. Different types of cancer can be caused by some radiation. Cancers such as lung, thyroid, breast and skin can be caused by radiation. This condition occurs in a vital area. Cancer is a condition that begins with your cells. When the cells in the body don’t die and new cells are formed when not needed it may form a tissue which can form a tumor. Some tumors can be cancerous and some tumors are not cancerous. Cancer can occur within organs and blood or marrow too. Cancer gets their different names from where the condition occurred. Tumors can be formed but they aren’t always formed. There are ways this condition can be prevented. Becoming healthier daily can help prevent cancer. Changing your poor diet to a well balanced diet will help you so you are getting the nutrients your body needs and so you are in shape and not overweight. Exercise may also help you to become healthier to prevent cancer.

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