Cancer Essay

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Have you ever thought of the people who you are not with every day? The people who have no option, but to live in a hospital? Those with the terminal disease called cancer. Cancer is the number one cause of deaths world- wide today. There is no known cure for cancer. People must donate money in order to win the war on cancer. Cancer takes nearly 550,000 lives each year. In each of the thirty-one years since the war on cancer begun, more and more Americans are suffering from cancer each year. Every year we try to donate money to help them, but some people just don’t seem to care. Cancer is the number two killer in the United States. Believe it or not, many young kids, such as ages 4 or younger, die each year from cancer. Those with cancer need hope, which can help them make the best of difficult moments. Dylan Beck, three years old, is suffering from Leukemia. To this day he still goes to St. Judes, a hospital for cancer, which is giving him treatment and hope. St. Judes is a very special and important place. Most parents take their child, if they have cancer, to St. Judes. Normally, those with cancer have to go through surgery. Many young kids do not have enough money for surgery. The only thing they need are donations. You do not need to donate much. Donate about ten dollars a month and the money you donated, could save someone’s life. Let’s care for the cancer!

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