Cancer Essay

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I am no author and have never written anything so personal like this before in my life. As a child I did get the odd diary for Christmas and each year I had every intention of writing a journal so in later years I could look back and tell myself that I had done good, made the right choices in life, cringe at the wrong choices or just basically laugh at whatever my childhood held. I had pretty diaries that had keys to lock away whatever secrets or garbage I decided to write, whether it be about boys (in later later years) or moan about how much I was being picked on, by friends, my two brothers or being told off by my parents. I had every intention of writing in them every day, but usually failed after the first couple of weeks or so into every year, bored of writing the same old crappy stuff; got up at 8, caught the bus to school, did school work, came home, did homework, went out to play, got told off, Got grounded or went out again and went to bed. The main factor why I didn’t stick to it, was that I was always far too busy doing other things that were far more interesting than to be bothered with it. And so each year that big pretty book with the lock and key would be pushed aside and forgotten. At the age of thirty-nine my life took a huge turn. I heard the words ‘You have Breast Cancer’ and so I decided to write about my life since being diagnosed …Why? So that the people around me and other people will have more of an understanding of what it is like to live with cancer from the inside. This story is no fairytale, it’s not a mills and boon romance, it’s a story of how I stared into the face of fear and said, “I don’t want this and I’m going to get rid of it. No question about it. It’s about having to stay positive, and having being the bigger word, it’s about working hard to keep the upper hand, so not to let the beast take over and swallow you in self

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