Cancer Essay

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C-A-N-C-E-R C is for call, crazy, and chaos. Call. Once you get the faithful call you are unsure what to do. The call that you don’t want to believe. You want to think they are lying to you. It’s just a dream, this could never happen to me in reality. Then you remember that this is reality and this really is happening to you. It makes you want to go crazy. How are you going to survive the chaos of this with work and your kids. A is for aware, analgesic, and adverse effects. You aren’t aware of all the trouble you will have to go through or what you are supposed to do first. You have to visit your doctor to learn about the analgesics you will have to take because you might be in a lot of pain. The adverse effects are the negative effects of the many medicines you have to take. Some are nausea, fatigue, and loss of appetite. N is for news and never. How are you going to break the news to your family and friends? Are they going to understand that its never going away no matter how long its “gone”? The cancer will be there no matter how much treatment you go through. C is for cry, chemotherapy, and confusion. All you want to do is break down and cry. Life as you know it is changed and you are unsure what you are supposed to do. Chemotherapy is a chemical treatment that is used to kill cancer cells directly. How long are you gonna be on chemo? The only state of mind you are in now is confusion. E is for ending. This could be the end. If you don’t fight hard enough to get over this, then you might not make it out in the end. The end seems so near now. You are tempted to just give up so the end will come quicker but you know you shouldn’t. R is for radiation, remission, and returning. Radiation is another way to kill the cancer. It helps to make the cancer go into remission. Remission is the disappearance of the cancer. How long is it going to take for

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