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Angelica Black October 23,2011 Coach Gately Speech Cancer (informative Speech) Have you ever lost someone to cancer? Well my names Angel and I have. I lost my grandma to Lung Cancer this past February. It was a very tough experiance to deal with, Thats why the topic of Cancer is so close to my heart. Today im going to talk to you about the physical and emotional struggles that paitents and their families go through. im going to inform you about what cancer is and how it has impacted our society. When some is diagnoised with Cancer it's a life changing moment. it can completly flip a life upside down. Noone expects a visit to their doctor for a continuous headache to end up in the discovery of cancer. After someone is diagnoised with Cancer it Brings many conflicting emotions. Not only do they have to face the fact that they have a diesease but they have to face the harsh treatments. Some of the emotions they may go through are anger, deppression, saddness, confusion, lonliness, and at times happiness. I remember when my grandma got diagnosed with cancer for the first time she was very emotional she would keep to herself most of the time and she always seemed deppressed.Most patients get that way for awhile after their diagnosis They also deal with many physical challenges. Some of the physical challenges they deal with are the symptoms of the diesease which include nausea, fever, weight loss, night sweats and loss of appetite. some more of te physical challenges they deal with are the treatments whic include surgery, kemo and radiation. The treatment procedures can tear down their body and make them real weak and make their immune systerm very sensitive to certain things. Dealing with cancer is tough its emotionally and physically draining. Although the dieseas affects the patient it also affects the family. The family plays a

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