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The definition of culture can vary from person to person and in small or large ways. For this essay I will define culture by six features; culture is learned, culture is shared, culture is patterned, culture is integrated, culture is always changing and all cultures have cultural universals. Using this definition of culture, I will provide evidence from the book Canar: A year in the Highlands of Ecuador by Judy Blankenship, that the people of Canar do in fact fit this definition of culture. First I will begin by discussing some background information about the Canar people. Following this I will present of each of the features of culture and provide examples from Blankenship’s account to show these features are found in the culture of Canar. Canar is found in the Southern highlands of Ecuador. It was formed sometime during the sixteenth century. For three thousand years the land belonged to the Canari people. They were a powerful tribe, with a strong development in gold and silver metalworking, weaving, agriculture and ceramics production. In the fifteenth century there society changed when they were invaded by the Incas then about a hundred years later the Spanish. Today many things have changed and Canar is poor province with a small population. The province has around twenty five thousand people that can be found in small remote towns that are in high altitudes. The Canair people farm off small plots of rock covered land and have a few sheep, pigs or cattle. The community of Canar consists of about ten thousand people, however many people come to trade goods. Canar maybe a small community found in a remote area, but this community is filled with a rich culture (8). In Canar we are able to see that culture is learned. This means that the people can operate and get by in the community, they know the rules and the consequences they will face if they break these

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